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Thank you for applying to be a speaker at The Pop Up Courses Presented by 5TH And Westwood on May 27, 2020 via virtually. Our highly anticipated event is designed to teach, inspire, and manifest aspiring fashion stylist dreams by first having a conversation with you. The requirements are simple- fill out TPUC form below, submit your best head shot, and share your pre-recorded session by Tuesday, May 12th. We will only pick the best of the best so make sure to bring your A game.

It's important that our attendees feel engaged by our panel and panelist. As a tip include an intro of who you are, a deeper insight of the industry and topic of your profession, tips, tricks attendees can download or screen shot for their use and FAQS you receive all of the time from aspiring entrepreneurs- they'll love that. 


But wait, that's not all...don't forget to mention special discounts on products and services and/or new opportunities your brand is offering at this time, especially during Covid-19.


If you feel that a video will help make your case send to +1 562-374-1682. Good Luck!

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